Brief: Using your own interpretation of what an alternative universe is, create one lens-based and one digital 'experience' of your definition.


Alternate Universe: a livable world where realism is subjective and environmental rules do not apply; everything is plastic.

Old To


Brief: Design a small-format specimen book exploring the origins or usage of a selected font.


Rather than exploring Helvetica's origins, I explored popular brands that updated their logos to Helvetica (as of 2017). I compare the brands original typefaces with their new modern ones.


Suffering is


Brief: Explore the contemporary aesthetic of protest and the form and effect of participatory actions and impactful calls for change. As well as images, symbols, form of rhetoric, humor, hashtags, slogans, you are asked to consider both who it is for and where it will live.


Suffering Is Dead (SID) strives to create conversation about mental health, bringing taboo subjects into public spaces. SID creates discussion and a greater awareness about how to help oneself and how to support each other.


Many active mental health ad campaigns fall short to provide useful information, often using ineffective generic language failing to receive a call to action. SID's campaign speaks directly to the reader using natural clear language and ads placed in key locations where suicide and self harm tend to happen, such as train platforms and bridges.



Tarot Cards_

Brief: Using the divinatory meaning of the Major Arcana cards, design a set based on a chosen subject. With research of your chosen subject find people, places, or incidents in their lives that parallel the 22 cards in a fully comprehensive manner.


Using Dissect Podcast as a main source, I took the many characters and stories within Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and blended them with the common poses of and themes of tarot cards.

3D Modeling_

Using Cinema 4D and Lens Studio by Snapchat, I've created a product line and a face filter.

Scan to be put into the cockpit of a WWII Spitfire inspired by Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.


Nala produces versatile kitchen products that are multi-purposed, space saving, and sustainably sourced. This collapsible to go container has a silicone body, bamboo lid which doubles as a cutting board, and a pineapple leather strap.

Dynamic Identity_

Using a set of brand values and rules, create a dynamic visual identity for parent company.


Osteyvon is a parent company representing truth, health and sustainability. The set of rules that generate these iterations are based off of 5 specific temperatures, elevation at 5 randomly generated points on the globe.

Counter Mapping_

Brief: Create a 'map' based on a personal way of seeing and mapping.


This is visualization of an audio waveforms I recorded on September 18th at 2:24pm, while traveling from Brooklyn to Midtown Manhattan.

This graph shows the drastic sound differences experienced between boroughs, subways, and street noise.

Speculative Spectacles_

For this character to ride the subway, they must collect coins to have enough money for a Metrocard.

They must be careful not to lose their money as rockets pass by, goombas hover around, and creepy mascots are scheming you for a quick buck.

The character has already fallen into a photo-op scheme causing them to lose a heart.

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