JCPenney Rebrand_


In teams take a failing or failed company and rebrand them. Create a brand audit to learn about the company history. Discuss with another team how you envision the new brand-identity; they will provide a style guide based on your vision that you will follow.


Tithi Shah and I teamed up to rebrand JCPenney, an American department store. Our focus was to refine their logo, with a strong type treatment using bold roman letters, and to move away from their basic catalog Imagery using a more natural candid style. Another focus of ours was to sell the lifestyle, colors, warmness, and feeling of fall rather than the clothing itself which has shown effective within our target audience (25–35 women).



While analyzing JCP, Tithi and I saw that their digital content was bland and cheesy. We had the opportunity to brighten it up with moving images and vivid colors, again with the focus on the lifestyle rather than the clothing itself to appeal more towards our target market.


In order to market JCPenney's new brand identity, we created a lookbook, promoting the Fall 2020 line.

*JCP launched their own rebrand in 2019 during our rebrand

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