Album Redesigns_



By Tyler the Creator


Flower Boy follows Tyler's obsessions with cars (specifically his white McLaren), his loneliness, and talking about his sexual preference to men.

Garden Shed_

I placed the album within a garden shed, as it represents the closet that Tyler metaphorically came out of in the seventh track of the album 'Garden Shed.'

White McLaren_

I parked Tyler's white McLaren within the shed with seemingly no way out, as Tyler used to make homophobic slurs which will always be present in his discography.

Album Gatefold_

Flower Boy is supposed to be one continuous experience. The front and the back of the album shows a garden shed with a McLaren parked within. When the gatefold is opened, the doors of the shed open showing the super-car and one lonely flower.

Soundtrack To A Death_

By Mura Mosa


Create an album-cover redesign that is influenced by the style and graphic imagery from icons of graphic design history.


From the hundreds of talented designers who shaped the language of design to chose from, Man Ray, an avant-garde photographer known for his 'rayographs', caught my attention the most. His experimentation of the raw medium was inspirational to create with the technology at hand.


The rayographs are beautiful and noisy, clear and abstract, simple and busy. To match these combinations of parts that shouldn't work together work, I saw Mura Mosa's Soundtrack To A Death to fit right there. The genreless album mixes Asian influences with electro trap. It doesn't make much sense but it works.

Album Gatefold_

I kept true to the original ying-yang like album art by representing a rose's life and death within the gatefold.

©2020 Kevin Ebrahimoff